bulthaup b3 lets you unleash your creativity. You can create your living space with a variety of materials that match the character of the space and the people who live in it. The ergonomic forms of the bulthaup b3 system are tailored to people and to the architecture around them. Their functions are made clear in the most natural of ways. This freedom of design continues through to the versatility of the interior fittings.


Kitchens and living spaces in bulthaup homes are places where people can come together, be together and communicate. Places where people can unleash their creativity and experiment by creating with their own hands. And at the heart of all the reflections on how to develop these spaces, there are human beings, with all their needs and their habits.

That’s how we think and act at bulthaup. Every day we ask ourselves if how we understand kitchens does in fact match what people want and need from them. We manufacture our products with a great deal of love for the little details, and we’re passionate about materials. We create kitchens and living spaces that help make life better.

We build unique systems tailored to people and to their individual needs, in harmony with the architecture in each particular space. This leads to a kitchen architecture that makes daily life that much better.

Materials - Laminate

Quality and perfection for all the senses. There’s laminate, and then there’s bulthaup laminate. This evenly through-dyed material is exceptionally resilient and very durable. With its calm, minimalist appearance, it’s sublime to experience in both look and feel. Fronts, worktops, and monoblocks appear as though made from a single mould.

Materials - Wood

People feel secure in a room with wood. Wood communicates wellbeing and warmth. And just as every tree is unique, so too is your bulthaup b3 kitchen. The artisan-crafted finish ensures that the natural qualities of the material are preserved, qualities you can feel, smell and see.

Inalco worktop 1.2 cm thick

Inalco is a materials design company specialising in creating surfaces for the construction, architecture and interior design sectors.

Inalco stands out for its innovation, leadership and new creative formulas focused on the future. All of Inalco’s manufacturing processes comply with stringent quality standards that enable them to offer a high value-added product that is often preferred by architects and builders.

Inalco’s revolution, as far as innovation is concerned, is backed by its achievements such as IPLUS Digital Technology based on printing techniques using CMYK inks. It allows all kinds of designs to be printed on the surface of the parts with high digital definition.

Inalco has long been aware of the need to offer seamless surfaces, which is why since 2007 they have been a benchmark in the manufacture of large formats that imitate and evoke unrepeatable textures.

camoján six

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